Palm Beach National Chapel


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Former owner and operator Joseph Farish, Jr., Esquire, a lifelong resident, is a noted attorney, philanthropist and decorated World War II veteran. A D-Day survivor, he served with the Big Red One First Infantry Division and also fought in the North African, Sicilian and European campaigns, earning five battle stars. Following World War II, Farish operated a successful Lincoln-Mercury Dealership and, as a reward for outstanding performance, the Ford Motor Company sent him to Normandy in 2004 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the D-Day landing.

At the Omaha Beach Cemetery, he was asked to give the invocation and place a wreath. This touching ceremony moved him to fulfill a dream of helping all families in their time of loss. When the site adjacent to the South Florida VA National Cemetery became available, he immediately sought approval to build the Palm Beach National Chapel, noting “This is an important way to give back and serve families in this area and to honor Palm Beach Count veterans.

James W. Young, fondly known by many as “Jim,” is no ordinary man. Everyday it seems he is up before the alarm clock, waking and embracing the obstacles and events that the day places on his path; for he has found a passion unlike any other. He strives to make everyday special and enjoyable for people that walk through his doors, or at least bearable. He makes every effort for the satisfaction of his customers, under any circumstances, and pushes himself and his 25 employees to make every moment count. Young is a funeral director, founder and owner of a series of funeral homes and, most of all, a man with a mission: to make this world an easier place for us all.

For some people death can not be understood. Its presence grips the very consciousness of our bodies with shock, heartache, and rage. It breaks us down into a melancholy until our bodies are consumed by numbness. Induced by the unreal and fostered by a void, our psyches’ transition into a tolerable state is very hard-pressed. Nonetheless, Young knows this and it is his duty to protect people from any unnecessary hardship. He cannot reverse this cycle but he can help resurrect the life that once was. He has mastered multiple strengths in 30 years of being in the funeral environment. With all his power, Jim does his best to help individuals recreate a loved one in an affectionate final tribute that celebrates their most treasured memories.

“The ability to reestablish that emotional link is crucial for families so that they can reach closure,” said Young. To him, serving the family to the fullest capability is probably one the most rewarding things that he can do to give back. Ultimately, he would like to take grief and pain out of people’s lives even before they reach his facilities but that is usually never the case. Nonetheless, when people do arrive at their most distressed he is at his best and most nurturing.

“It breaks my heart to see people in this situation and it is hard to watch family members and spouses deal with this most sudden and severe transition,” said a heartfelt Young. “So, we help them and support them as if they were one of our own,” he added.

Taking an extra step in the care of a family’s arrangements and services, Young makes a special effort with his facilities. He expects an environment that is warm, inviting, and divine. He wants to let people know that they will be taken care of along with their loved one. This is why his philosophy of “immaculate facility and affordability” is omniscient compared to competitors.

“We are full service facilities, not only do we pride ourselves in our funeral homes but every need is taken care of on the premises, nothing is subcontracted,” said an exuberant Young. “This allows us to control costs and pass on savings to our families.”

Young has dedicated his life to his businesses and expects the best out of them. He has founded and currently operates Seawinds Funeral Home and Crematory in Sebastian, Fla; Davis-Seawinds Funeral Home and Crematory in Melbourne, Fla; and Cox-Gifford Seawinds Funeral Home and Crematory in Vero Beach, Fla. As well, he owns Eagle Monument Cemetery Services and Palm Beach National Chapel, a facility conveniently located across from the Veterans Affairs National Cemetery in Lake Worth. Palm Beach National Chapel has recently opened to further reach families in need and is sure to achieve its full potential under his leadership.

His strong will, competitive nature, and very nurturing character not only make him a modern day hero but compel him to make it easier for people who are coping with death of a loved one. Emotionally it is one of the hardest jobs on earth; Young faces it head on each and every day with fervor and tenacity so that families and friends can face it as well.